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Gerbeaud 160 cake slice

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Caramel dark chocolate mousse, blood peach jelly, salted pecan nuts, green walnut purée, chocolate glaze

On the occasion of our 160th birthday, we made the Gerbeaud 160 cake, for which we use Cacao Barry Or Noir 1858 - 71.9% cocoa content - dark chocolate made exclusively for us, according to our taste. The base of the cake is a cocoa butter sponge, on which a caramel dark chocolate mousse layered with apricot jelly is placed. Salt crystal pecans with crunchy, green walnut puree, with a drizzle of cooked dark chocolate on top.

The Gerbeaud 160 cake slice is an absolute favourite among our guests. It makes a great gift as a four-slice cake, packaged in a gift box.

For more information about Gerbeaud's 160th anniversary and Cacao Barry Or Noir 1858 chocolate, click here: Gerbeaud 160

- caramel, dark chocolate, green walnut biscuit, cocoa sponge cake, pecans, peach jelly, egg, flour