gerbeaud kávé desszert sütemény

Gerbeaud coffee slice

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We have encapsulated the characteristic aroma of coffee in a superb dessert, where an intense coffee flavor strikes perfect balance with the sweetness of chocolate and marzipan.

The base of this dessert is a coffee brown butter sponge cake, which is then covered with a fine layer of Amaretto and orange. After this comes a crunchy coffee and hazelnut praline and a silky chocolate-coffee cream layer made from prime quality Brazilian coffee, milk chocolate and cardamom. On the top of this dessert lies a light white chocolate and coffee ganache, decorated with coarse ground coffee beans and milk chocolate.

This sweet treat is a must-try for everyone who loves the invigorating black nectar!

Gerbeaud’s own specialty coffee is made from 100% Arabic coffee by Hungary's leading specialty coffee roasting company, One Eleven Concept Roastery. The family-owned roastery from Sopron created this coffee, which blends the traditional coffeehouse culture with new wave coffee trends just for us.

The Gerbeaud Coffee Slice can also be ordered as a whole cake!

Ingredients: flour, milk, cream, mascarpone, egg, butter, sugar, wafer, gelatin, marzipan, coffee, orange, cardamom, Amaretto, hazelnut praline; milk, dark and white chocolate