About Gerbeaud webshop

The Gerbeaud legend began with Henrik Kugler and continued its journey with Emil Gerbeaud. Their common feature lies in their innovative spirit which made the business extremely popular among Hungarian guests. We have continued this tradition and aspiration with the launch of Gerbeaud webshop. It was brought to life by the changed pandemic situation, or rather accelerated the implementation of our existing plans.

The launch in May 2020 was a huge success for the webshop, so we expanded the offer at the best possible time, at the same time as the November restrictions. Christmas products such as walnut and poppy seed beigli, Pumpkin and gingerbread dessert, Christmas spiced biscuits and festive packages were added to the site. We have also introduced novelties to our range of cake slices, including the ever-popular Esterházy, the Dobos cake or the Salted peanut and apricot slice. In the spirit of Gerbeaud quality, we have also prepared such desserts as the gluten-free Salted caramel - pear éclair, which is guaranteed to be addictive, but we offer chestnut purée or Somlói sponge cake, Gerbeaud coffee slice and Plum jam and hazelnut Swiss rolls also. In addition to the delicacies, we have also expanded our wine and champagne selection!
It's natural for us, but not for many: Gerbeaud products are made from the finest, high-quality ingredients, additive- and preservative-free, which makes them uniquely delicious and special.

Our main goal is to provide a quality Gerbeaud experience, this time not in the patinaed salons of the café, but in the homes of our guests. What's more, our products are now available at Wolt and Foodora sites.

  If you have any questions, please contact us at webshop@gerbeaud.hu!


Niszkács Anna

Executive Director-Owner
and the Gerbeaud team