Why Petit?

The Gerbeaud legend began with Henry Kugler and went on with Gerbeaud Emil. They had a common quality, among other things, that they had a very popular business with Hungarian guests. We will continue this tradition and aspiration. Petit Gerbeaud was brought to life by the changed pandemic situation, or rather accelerated the implementation of our existing plans.

Over 160 years of history and the vocation of our ancestors put us to work when we reanimated the legend of "Little Gerbeaud" again as Petit Gerbeaud. The Grand Gerbeaud is temporarily 'hibernating' to strengthen the needs of newslers and the needs of our guests, even more at the forefront. In the meantime, we will temporarily operate as Petit Gerbeaud with a more narrow, yet more advantageous offer. Our main aim is to give our guests an experience in the present circumstances.



Niszkács Anna

Executive Director-Owner