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Gerbeaud Gastronomy Kft.

Valid from 2020.05.01


Welcome to the website hosted by Gerbeaud Gastronomy Kft.

The General Contract Terms (hereinafter referred to as 'SBS') contains the conditions for the use of the service available on the website www.gerbeaud.hu (hereinafter referred to as 'the' Home page ').

If you wish to be a customer or an active user of the Home page, please carefully read the General Treaty Terms (hereinafter referred to as 'SBS') and be used only in the case (purchase order, subscription, purchase), if you agree with all its points, and consider it binding upon you.

In the case of questions relating to the operation, order and transport process of the Home page, we are at the disposal of our contact details on the website.

It is to be noted that the CSF is a natural person (hereinafter 'Consumer'), acting on behalf of its profession, self-employment or business activity (hereinafter 'Consumer'), which may lay down conditions other than those applicable to undertakings on certain points. In this case, the Consumer clock is subject to different rules.

The technical information required to use the Home page, which is not included in the VAT, is provided by other information available on the website.

Contract language is Hungarian.

The service is only available in Budapest.

The order in the Home page is not written in writing, but is considered to be a declaration of conduct, such as the Shopper and Gerbeaud Gastronomy LLC. An electronic contract concluded by electronic means does not constitute a written contract, it is not filed by Gerbeaud, so it is not subsequently accessible and cannot be viewed.

Purchase orders shall be made only on the Home page by electronic means. There is no possibility of delivery of orders by telephone, e-mail or mail, and orders received in this manner cannot be met by Gerbeaud.

The Buyer uses the Home page to take note of and accept the current VAT Code.



Company name: Gerbeaud Gastronomommia Kft.

Seat: 1051 Budapest, Red Marty Square, 7-8.

Telephone: +361 429 9000

E-mail: gerbeaud@gerbeaud.hu

Tax No 13353779-2-41

Court of Justice: General Court of Capital Court

Registration number 01-09-730963


Activity on the website-Sale of Gerbeaud products

The Service is intended for users to sell products from www.gerbeaud.hu and publish relevant content related to products.

The Data Management Information document that is available directly from the main page is provided by the Data Management Information Service.


  • Responsibility

The Buyer may use the Home page only at its own risk and accept that Gerbeaud will not be liable for any damage caused by the use of property and non-property damage caused by intentional, serious negligence or criminal activity, in addition to life, physical integrity and liability for breach of contract for health.

Gerbeaud excludes any liability for the behaviour shown by the users of the Home page and the sole and implicitly responsible for its own conduct.

The Buyer shall ensure that the rights of third parties are not violated either directly or indirectly by the website.

In the event of infringement, the Buyer is fully and exclusively responsible for its own conduct, Gerbeaud, in such a case, shall cooperate fully with the determining authorities to investigate the infringements.

The content that users may have made available during the use of the Home page (for example, comments) is authorised by Gerbeaud, but is not obliged to verify and, as far as the published content is concerned, the Gerbeaud is entitled, but is not obliged to look for signs of illegal activity and do not take responsibility for them.

The service pages can contain interfaces (links) that lead to the pages of other service providers. Gerbeaud is not responsible for the data protection practices of these service providers and other third parties.

Due to the global nature of the Internet, Buyer accepts that, when using the Home page, it is obliged to take account of the provisions of relevant national legislation. If any activity related to the use of the Home page is not permitted under the law of the State of the Buyer, it shall be liable solely to the user for use.

If the Buyer detects any objectionable content on the Home page, it shall immediately indicate to our company. If, in the good faith process of our company, the signal is well founded, it is entitled to delete or modify the information without delay.


  • Registration

The contents of the Home page are available for any Purchases without registering, but registration stores transport and billing data to facilitate future purchases.

In the registration interface, the Buyer is required to provide the following information to our company:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Transport Address


Billing data, as

  • Name
  • Billing address: city, postal code, street name, number, country
  • If you purchase the name of a company or a private operator or a private person with a tax number, then you can enter the VAT number in the case of a VAT check. From 1 July 2020, irrespective of the tax value, the invoice number of the receiving tax on a taxable person with a national tax number must bear the tax number of the recipient, irrespective of the amount of the transferred VAT. Without the tax number, the invoice cannot be issued.


In the Home page, you can specify different billing and shipping addresses as the default settings.  If the billing and delivery addresses do not match, the customer has the opportunity to enter the billing address by clicking the appropriate marker box.

Gerbeaud is not liable for any delay or any other liability for the delay in delivery of the data provided by the customer in error and/or inaccurate. Our company is not liable for any damages if the Buyer forgets his password or becomes available for reasons other than the Gerbeaud. Gerbeaud treats all registrations as a separate person.

By sending the registration, the Buyer accepts the SAT and the Data Management Information. The success of the registration is provided by your company by email to the customer, in which the Customer can use a summary interface to review the data that it provides during the registration.

After successful registration, Customer is able to log on to the Home page (email address, password) under "Entry".

Customer is authorized to request cancellation of registrationpetit@gerbeaud.hu Message sent to e-mail address. After the message arrives, Gerbeaud shall ensure that the registration is deleted as specified in the Data Management Information document. Customer's user data will be removed from the system immediately after deletion; however, this does not affect the retention of data and documents related to the orders already surrendered, nor will it result in the deletion of these data. Once removed, the data can no longer be restored.

Only the Customer is responsible for keeping the user access data (in particular the password) in secret. If Customer becomes aware that the unauthorised third person has received access to the password for the registration, it must immediately change the password if it is assumed that the third person will use the password in any way to notify the Gerbeaud at the same time.

Buyer undertakes to update the personal data provided during registration as necessary to ensure that they are timely, complete and true.




Product information:

  • The characteristics shown on the websites on the website (e.g. size, design and decoration) and the real product may vary (e.g. The use of seasonal fruits in the case of pastries, for which Gerbeaud is not liable for differences.
  • Gerbeaud explicitly informs the Render that foods obtained from fruit and nuts may contain traces of seeds and shells. The liability shall not be liable for any damage resulting therefrom.
  • The Sender also informs the Render that our products can contain traces of gluten, soya, milk, oily seeds and sugar.

Buying is not subject to registration.

Select the products and place them in the Kosara.

Check the Basket Content (upper right corner), then select delivery or take-over day and time band. If necessary, you can leave a request and a message for us.

Confirm the time by pressing the correct button and then click the Purchase Button.

Enter your email address and address and telephone number.

The latter is particularly important, since our colleagues can ask you to confirm the order by phone. In the event of a transport, we can contact you at this number if our courier is stuck and/or cannot find the address.

Further to the mode of transport Press button to choose the appropriate mode of transport.
Delivery dates may be different depending on the delivery addresses.
During the purchase, you can change it at any time, correct errors in the electronic recording of data, clerks (type of product, quantity, personal data, delivery address, etc.). (among the following):

Finally, check the specified data and click the Further to payment methods Button.
You have three options here. Payment with a credit card through the secure SimplePay system, cash and/or debit card payment.

Submit the order Press button to finalize your order.
After this, the order summary is displayed, the purchase order number.

Found at the bottom of the page Purchase After you click a button, the Order can permanently send its order. A service provider sends a confirmation of the order's success to the PO, where the Order order number is also found.

The order is therefore to be dispatched to the Purchase Button, which is used to create a payment obligation for the Order.


Contract contract, contract link, acknowledgement:

The conclusion of the contract is possible in Hungarian. The surrender of the order is a contract concluded by electronic means, in accordance with the provisions of Law CVIII, 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce and information society services. The contract falls within the scope of the Korm Regulation 45/2014 (II.26) on detailed rules for contracts between the consumer and the undertaking and is in mind the provisions of Directive 2011 /83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

The Buyer receives an automatic confirmation email of the receipt of the order to the address of the specified email within 1 hour with which Gerbeaud accepts the Customer's offer, which is legally binding between the Parties at the time of arrival. After receipt of the order, if necessary, our company will contact the User on the phone to specify the order to match the data. The confirmation email contains the data that is specified during the purchase order, the order data, the price of the products that are ordered, the payment and delivery modes, the order number of the order, and the customer's comments on the purchase order.


The Gerbeaud NAV shall issue a receipt to the Buyer after payment of the value of the purchase.

If you want to request a VAT bill, please provide details of the Specify another billing address option kWith its choice.


  • Secure bank card payment through the SimplePay system
  • Cash payment on receipt

We also provide this payment in the epidemiological situation. We are, of course, careful to ensure that the transfer and receipt of the money is as safe as possible and, if possible, minimise physical contact. Please provide an exact purchase price, if possible. The alternating money available to the supplier is limited. Thank you!

  • Secure, unaffected bank card payment on receipt

With a bank card reader at the courier's and our personal take-over, you can use a credit card reader to pay at 15.000 Ft, with a PIN number above 15.000 Ft.



Our transport is carried out by our own employees.

On receipt of the product, the Buyer shall examine whether the package is wound-free. If you experience injury on the packaging, the Customer may ask the courier to return the package.

Where, at the time of receipt, the packaging and the damage appear to be damaged prior to the receipt of the goods, the return or replacement of the product shall be provided free of charge by Gerbeaud. Gerbeaud shall not be responsible for the injury observed after receipt.

Our company does not take responsibility if the customer is not at the pre-agreed and marked time at the specified transport address and the delivery of the package fails.

If the delivery is unsuccessful-for reasons attributable to a customer-2. Gerbeaud will only attempt to deliver it again if the Buyer pays extra delivery fee (gross 2000 Ft) for Gerbeaud and the charges for the delivery have been credited to the Gerbeaud account.

There is no possibility, at the request of or at the request of a shipment.

On receipt of the product, the Buyer shall, without delay, ensure that the quality and quantity of the product is appropriate.


Personal takeover:

Between 10 and 18 hours, the location of our company's seat is 1051 Budapest, Red Marty Square 7-8, Gerbeaud Coffee House.


  • Household costs
  • Our service is available in Budapest
  • In the event of a purchase of less than 6000 Ft, we do not have a delivery, but we have a personal takeover in Red Marty Square.
  • In the case of an order between 6000 Ft and 29999 Ft, the fee for delivery is 1650 Ft/Order
  • In the case of an order above 30000 Ft, the delivery of the house is free


  • Transport deadline

If the order is to be delivered for 21 hours, the delivery shall be carried out at the earliest day following the confirmation of the order, but it may also request an appointment at the date indicated on the order of the order. When a pre-order is requested for an appointment, delivery to the exact time is not guaranteed, the delivery may only be delivered over a period of +/ - 2 hours compared to the requested date.

In the event of the delay in Gerbeaud, the Buyer shall have the right to spare time.
If Gerbeaud fails to perform within the time limit, the consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. The Buyer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract without a fire date

  • Gerbeaud has refused to comply with the contract; or
  • The contract should have been concluded between the parties as agreed or as a recognisable purpose of the service at the specified time of delivery and not at any other time.




Resignation of the product/products ordered:

Method and conditions for the surrender of orders

You can change your order within 3 hours of the delivery of the order, cancel it. Email the petit@gerbeaud.hu Address. For reference, please specify the order number in the confirmation email.

Devices that are provided to identify and correct data entry errors prior to dispatch:
A Basket Can be verified, variable or deleted at any time before the order is sent, personal data can be changed at any time.



Problems, complaints, complaint handling:

Any problems related to the delivery of the purchase order can be indicated by the customer in the following customer service contact details: by email: petit@gerbeaud.hu or by telephone in a live-loud conversation by calling the specified telephone number.

  • Appropriate cooling and storage of the sweetindustrial product after receipt is the Obligation obligation.
  • In addition to refrigerated storage (+ 4 °C), sweet-industrial products may be kept safely for 36, 48 and 72 hours after receipt, not containing added preservatives. In the case of a packed product, the product is packaged for the shelf-life of the product.
  • Where the Product's Quality Objection refers to the non-visible property of the Product, it may indicate its quality objection to the Gerbeaud at the latest 24 hours after the product is taken over.




Place of complaint, time, method:


The Buyer may submit consumer objections to the product or Gerbeaud's activities on the contact details provided;

Gerbeaud will remedy the oral complaint, if possible, immediately. If there is no possibility of an immediate remedy of the oral complaint, due to the nature of the complaint, or if the Buyer disagrees with the handling of the complaint, Gerbeaud will take a report on the complaint, which shall be stored for five years, together with a substantive reply to the complaint.

In the case of an oral complaint (in the premises) of the Protocol, Gerbeaud shall give it to the Buyer on the spot or, if it is not possible, to act in accordance with the rules on the written complaint detailed below.

The company shall draw up a report in the case of an oral complaint using the telephone or other electronic communications service, and send the copy of the minutes to the User at the same time as the substantive response.

In all other cases, Gerbeaud shall act in accordance with the rules governing the written complaint.

A complaint by the telephone or by means of a communication device is identified by a unique identifier, which will further simplify the retrieval of the complaint.

Our company will answer the complaint in writing within 30 days. The measure constitutes a transmission within the meaning of this Treaty.

In the event of rejection of the complaint, Gerbeaud shall inform the User of the grounds for refusal.

Other enforcement options:

If any consumer dispute between us and the Buyer is not settled during the negotiations, the following enforcement options are open to the Buyer.

A ./ Complaint with the consumer authority

If you notice a violation of the consumer rights of the customer, the Consumer complaint may refer mainly to the territorially competent office. Following the examination of the complaint, the authority shall decide on the conduct of the consumer protection process.

Contact details of the territorially competent consumer authority:

Budapest Government Office

Directorate for Technical, Licensing and Consumer Protection, Consumer Protection

Address: 1052 Budapest, city shen.7.

Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Pf.

Telephone: + 36-1 450-2598

E-mail: fogyved_kmf_budapest@bfkh.gov.hu

List of regional authorities:http://fogyasztovedelem.kormany.hu/teruleti

B ./ Dispute procedure through the ODR platform of the European Union:https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=HU

In the case of consumer disputes relating to an online sales contract, it is possible for consumers to direct their cross-border disputes relating to online purchases electronically via an electronic complaint via the online platform available through this link.

To do that, there is no need to do so, since, on the online platform available on the above link, the consumer will register, make an application complete and send it electronically to the Peace Board via the platform. Thus, despite distances, consumers can simply enforce their rights.

Initiation of the procedure of c ./ Peaceful body

Reachability for Peaceful Corps:http://www.bekeltetes.hu/index.php?id=testuletek

If Gerbeaud rejects the customer's complaint, the Buyer is entitled to address the Reconciliation Body competent in his place of residence or stay: the commencement of proceedings of the conciliation body shall be subject to the direct attempt by the Customer to settle the dispute with Gerbeaud.

The conciliation body shall have the competence to settle consumer disputes outside the court. It is up to the conciliation body to attempt the establishment of an amicable settlement between Gerbeaud and the Shopper in order to settle consumer disputes.

The conciliation procedure shall be initiated at the request of the consumer. The application shall be made in writing to the President of the Peace Board.

Gerbeaud's principal place of establishment is the contact details of the Budapest Peace Corps

Budapest peacemaker board

Surface: 1016 Budapest, Christ krt. 99 ... III. Em. 310.

Address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.

E-mail: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu

Fax 06 (1) 488 21 86

Phone: 06 (1) 488 21 31

Gerbeaud shall be subject to a cooperation obligation under the conciliation procedure.

For the purposes of the rules applying to the Peaceful Board, a non-governmental organisation, church, social housing, housing cooperative, micro, small and medium-sized enterprise, who purchases goods, orders, uses, uses, uses, uses, or commercial communications relating to goods, is addressed to a consumer.

D ./ Initiation of court proceedings.

Buyer is entitled to enforce the claim of consumer law before the court in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act of 2013 on the Civil Code, as well as in accordance with the provisions of Law No CXXX, 2016 on the new Civil Procedure.



The purchase on the Home page presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of the Internet's opportunities and limitations on the part of the Buyer, in particular with regard to technical performance and errors. Gerbeaud is not liable if there is an operational error in the Internet network, which prevents the operation of the Home page and the purchase.



Gerbeaud may, at any time, change the prices and prices of the products marketed on the Home page, with no retroactive effect, the amendment shall take effect after publication on the Home page and shall apply only to transactions following the date of entry into force.



If any provision of the SPC is deemed to be invalid, it shall not result in the validity of the contract concluded under the SBS and the other provisions of the contract remain in force. The remaining provisions of the Treaty shall be interpreted in such a way as to reflect the original will of Gerbeaud and the Buyer.

It does not include the content of contracts concluded under the SBS between Gerbeaud and the Buyer, as is the practice and practice in their former business relationship. In addition, the content of the contracts concluded under this SPC is not included in the specific business of the relevant business in a widely known and regularly applied manner. The information and other information available on the GPC and the Home page shall include the total content of the contract between Gerbeaud and Buyer.


General Treaty Terms of entry into force: 2020.05.01.



                                               Gerbeaud's gastronomy LLC.