sósmogyoró-barack szelet

Salted peanut and apricot slice

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Gerbeaud's range of cakes is not complete without our salted peanut and apricot slice.

The base of this soft dessert speciality is a dark chocolate sponge cake topped with peanut butter hazelnut praline. This is followed by a layer of chocolate sponge cake with carefully selected pieces of caramelised apricots. Last but not least, a mousse completes the flavour combination of the Salted peanut and apricot cake. The secret is the crunchy hazelnut praline and heavenly hazelnut mousse made from Piedmont hazelnuts. A softly crumbly cake with a harmony of salty and sweet flavours.

Available not only by the slice but also as a cake!

- milk, eggs, cream, sugar, flour, hazelnuts, peanut butter, flaked wafers, dark chocolate, vanilla flavouring, cocoa powder, apricots